Monday, March 21, 2011

Motor Vehicle Collisions : Car Wrecks

Nearly everyone is involved in an auto accident at some point. Very often injuries and disability are the result, and tragically an auto collision can suddenly take a life, leaving behind only those who love and need the innocent victim. As people go about their lives they don’t often stop to think how dangerous cars and trucks can be, but being careless or aggressive or impaired while operating a vehicle is rarely a victimless crime. The loses that result from negligent driving can be devastating to an injured person and their family.
Since Georgia requires drivers to carry liability insurance, by law a person should be compensated when they are hurt in an auto collision. Unfortunately that does not happen automatically. There was a time when insurance companies were likely to make reasonable settlement offers to compensate people for these losses. But now insurers are trying harder than ever to hold on to the premiums they collect by denying, delaying, and undervaluing claims. If you aren’t prepared to take your case to court you are unlikely to ever be offered a fair settlement.
For this reason it is a good idea to hire a lawyer, but not just any lawyer. You need an attorney with trial experience, who knows whether to settle or litigate, and who is willing and able to take your case before a jury if that is the best choice for your situation. Not all cases should go to court, but hiring a lawyer with trial experience shows the insurance company that you are prepared to take the case to court if they do not offer a fair settlement.
For some injuries and loses all the money in the world would not make it right. And even with less severe injuries it may appear that there is only a small amount of insurance available, which will not be enough to cover a loss. For these reasons it is vitally important to determine if there are other insurance policies, or other responsible parties, that should be involved in your claim. The attorneys at The Law Office of David W. Hibbert will work hard to find and apply all of the available insurance coverage, and determine all parties who may be responsible for damages in addition to the at-fault driver. Please contact us and find out what coverage or potential defendants you might be missing. Even if there really is only a small amount of insurance coverage, your attorney can present the case to the insurer such that, if the insurer acts in bad faith, it may even be possible to recover more than the insurance policy limits.
David Hibbert and Sara Brown are experienced trial attorneys who have settled and litigated hundreds of cases. But we are not a big impersonal injury mill like so many lawyers who advertise heavily. We are an old fashioned small business that chooses our cases carefully and cares about each client. We are committed to professional care and consideration of every client and every case we take on. Most of our clients come from referrals because we work hard for each person who entrusts their case to us. We will give you individualized and personal attention. Your calls and e-mail will be answered promptly, and we are always happy to explain the process and discuss your options as we guide your case toward a successful outcome.

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