Monday, March 21, 2011

Appellate Practice : Beyond the Trial Court

Sometimes taking a case to trial is only the beginning of the battle. If you are successful it is common for the insurance company to appeal in the hope of avoiding payment. Sometimes a loss is the result of mistakes made by the judge. In either situation you will need an attorney who is prepared to skillfully continue arguing your case in the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court. We at the Law Office of David Hibbert have an excellent track record on appeal, and have defeated insurance companies and established precedents in Georgia’s higher courts. We will go the distance with your case.
Sometimes insurance companies choose to stand and fight after a lawsuit is filed but before it can reach a jury. Motions to dismiss your case, declaratory judgment actions claiming you or the person who hurt you failed to comply with the terms of the insurance policy, motions for summary judgement, all these and more are tools in the arsenal of insurance defense lawyers. But we are experienced, aggressive and usually successful in these battles. We are not just comfortable in the courtroom, Mr. Hibbert and Ms. Brown also have excellent skills in motion practice, brief writing, and legal research. We step up and fight back on paper too, and we are well prepared to advance your case on every front, however it is attacked.

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